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Teaching and Research

    Almost all units of our university have laboratories available for training purposes related to their own subjects. Besides these laboratories, at each of 15 different departments and provincial divisions, computer laboratories with internet connection are set up for students for their education, research, thesis and homework.

Library and Documentation Center

    The University of Gaziantep offers a modern and effective library services to its students and staff. In the library, with its 7000 meter-square closed area, there are 8 reading rooms, 2 exhibition rooms, 1 movie theater and 1 conference hall. The reading hall where the general collection is, and other division halls, have the capacity to serve up to 640 people at the same time.

    The library uses the LC (Library of Congress) classification system. Publications are served to users by open shelf system. The library collection includes approximately 72.000 items (54.000 books and 20.400 covered periodical publications) and includes subscriptions to 470 periodical publications including 260 foreign publications.

    Through ANKOS, there are on-line subscriptions to databases such as Science Direct (Elsevier), Web of Science (ISI), IOP (Institute of Physics), Synergy (Blackwell), Link (Springer Verlag), Kluwer, Interscience (John Wiley) and it is possible to gain access to complete articles in approximately 3.000 international journals. At present, it offers services to users using "Library Automation Program BLIS" and provides on-line access.

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Research and Practice Centers

    In our university, as well as the research performed in academic departments, additional research and practices in social and cultural fields are carried out by the centers given below; the "Turkish Education Center" founded in the constitution of Halep university in 1999 played an important role in developing social and cultural relations between the two cities of Gaziantep and Halep.

See Also Research and Application Centers Attached to the Rector's Office

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