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General Information
Our faculty aims to give a qualified art education by adopting an education philosophy based on creativity and productivity, protecting the cultural values coming from past to present and interiorizing the understanding of contemporary art, and being aware of what the age's expectations are. The faculty firstly started to admit students to the departments of Cinema and Television and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts in 2010-2011 education term. In the effort of maintaining its development, the faculty continues the studies of starting education in Painting department. Besides academicians in undergraduate degree, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts department keeps going the studies in Master Degree. 10 academic members, 6 instructors, 3 lecturers, 4 research assistants and 6 administrative personnel have still been working in the faculty. Our faculty aims to educate artists and artistic people who have the characteristic ability to represent our country, which is the cradle of civilisations, in cultural and social fields, have the ethic and esthetical values, can acquire the contemporary and traditional art in an interdisciplinary perspective, aims the success in cooperative studies besides individual work, equipped, sharing, researcher and authentic. We consider enabling the necessary education program in order to make our candidate students be productive, questioning, researcher, conscious about past, aware of age's bringing and expectations, foreseeing the future, making a difference with their creativity and productivity, having social conscious, creative artists and designers as other important aims.  In accordance with this purpose, by interiorizing a method combining education and teaching processes, we are in the effort of creating an outstanding environment for the artists who aim success at national and international level with the qualified works they created in Fine Arts. Besides benefiting from cultural and artistic values both at local and universal level, we aim contributing to our faculty at production opportunities level with these values. As being Faculty of Fine Arts, as well as carrying out studies collaboratively with other units in our university and other universities, performing activities and projects enabling combining with society and other partners are the eventual aims of our faculty.

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