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UNIVERSITY OF GAZİANTEP VOCATIONAL SCHOOL OF TOURISM and HOTEL MANAGEMENT GENERAL INFORMATIONS: Gaziantep University, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Higher Education was established by the decision of the Executive Board dated February 16, 2001.

Located adjacent to the University Campus Tourism Training Centre of the Ministry of Tourism (TUREM) building, in accordance with the protocol between the Ministry of Tourism with the University on August 23, 2001 transferred to the University of Gaziantep has reached the physical space.

APPLICATION HOTEL: Application Hotel has a capasity of 64 rooms and 128 beds. TV, minibar, hair drier, 24 hours warm water and clima are found in the three star comfort rooms. İn the application hotel a cafeteria, a patisserie, an American bar, a parking lot for 100 wehicles, a breakfast salon for 150 people, an a'la carte restaurant for 200 people, a multifunctional activity saloon for 200 people and a panaromic forest sightseeing terrace for 250 people are found. Our hotel has 6 saloons for various congress, conference, panel, seminar and meetings which are all in different dimensions. In addition there is a generator which can act in 5 seconds when electricity is off. Gaziantep Vocational School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, which has an important place in the tourism sector in the country's economy, you can be eligible to compete in world markets and tourism activities in the face of changing consumer preferences, its target is to train qualified personnel to be effective. Without the close co-operation in the field of tourism and contribute to the development of tourism be found in time for the country based on the idea of elements of Gaziantep University Application Hotel was opened in the second half of 2002. Students to apply their theoretical knowledge in Practice Hotel reinforce the information. For this purpose, the necessary knowledge and skills to train high-quality personnel are given. Gaziantep Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Managemenet, started education and training firstly by taking students to " Tourism and Hotel Management" programme at 2001-2002 semester. Students are obliged to have English Preporatory class education. College of Profession 2 (two) section, and 6 (six) program is available. DEPARTMENTS 1) HOTEL RESTAURANT AND CATERING SERVICES a) Tourism and Hotel Management b) Tourism and Hotel Management (BC), c) Catering Services d) Cooking 2) TRAVEL-TOURISM AND RECREATION SERVICES a) Tourism and Travel Services b) Tourism and travel Services (BC) Job training programs, vocational college, except for cooking program for education period is three years includind preporatory class.
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